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“Doing trails in Zululand is always a time Of year to look forward to. The many Different environments and the different Challenges presented by each, ensures That teaching trails always remain a Challenging and exciting prospect...” “We drove to Bhanga Nek beach along the challenging coastal sand roads to meet guide. The guide to take us on our turtle tour.  A 12km walk, every step of it worth our  While...”

Bhejane Nature Training provides comprehensive career training and specialist skills training for school leavers and guides in the fields of nature guiding and wildlife conservation.


Bhejane takes guiding beyond the confines of working in game reserves and includes various other forms of guiding in our training to ensure that our students are prepared for a career and to guide in many different environments. We train in a diverse range of environments and provide students with a well structured academic and practical learning programme - ensuring effective career training as opposed to an informal “game-ranger bush-course”

We also equip students with additional skills and knowledge to ensure that they enter the job market well above entry-level qualified guides.  These include the skills required to assist with reserve management, research and monitoring of wildlife, tourism and conservation entrepreneurship, and leadership skills.

Our 3 Year programme is the most comprehensive in the industry and is guaranteed to give our students not only a competitive advantage when entering the job market, but also a sound foundation for a career with clear paths for further growth and developing a professional guiding career.

Programmes are endorsed by the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA), a fully accredited CATHSSETA training provider, and widely accepted and recognized in the industry.

We are based in Northern KwaZulu Natal from where we explore the many unique terrestrial and marine habitats that Zululand and the Elephant Coast has to offer.  

Nature training has never been this exciting, this diverse and  filled with so much opportunity.

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